San Bernardino Takes Big Step Toward Revitalization

After decades of political gridlock The San Bernardino City Council moved into a dealmaking phase with a potential developer for the downtown district. City Leaders chose to work with Renaissance Downtowns USA and ICO Real Estate to create a comprehensive proposal to revitalize the downtown district. Council voted to give a 6 months for the two development groups to provide a detailed proposal for the re-development of the Carousel Mall property in downtown San Bernardino. 

Reaching this point in the development planning phase is a milestone, considering the city has botched several attempts made at finalizing a vision. Previous council efforts at overhauling the Carousel Mall site have all died on the vine, with neither the city or developers committing to and executing a vision for the Downtown area. 

Once an Exclusive Negotiation Agreement is reached, the city will then enter into a 12-18 month community input process, which SB City Council members have emphasized that this suggested timeline is for the best case scenario. Developers have cautioned that any potential hangups in the process could set the project timeline back considerably. 

60 public comments were played and entered into the record with a majority of the comments advocating for the ICO/Renaissance  development duo. Council members have signaled the importance of incorporating a community benefits agreements into the Exclusive Negotiation Agreement, with some citing local hiring and building electrification as some of key elements of a potential CBA. 

Despite the indication of interest in a community benefits agreement no official language has been offered in writing from San Bernardino City staff, Renaissance Downtowns USA or ICO Realty,

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