There’s No Better Substitute for Zero.

Fighting for environmental justice and challenging the cultural and systemic roots of white supremacy.

Lastest Highlight: First Annual Eco-Tianguis, March 26th, 2023.

A community centered event to support local small business because we are seeing the logisitics industry pushing out small businesses and taking over spaces with warehouses.

“Nothing Less Than Zero”

Electric Trucks Are Here Now

Everyday, thousands of diesel trucks traverse freight and transportation hubs in frontline communities across California, creating a public health crisis and environmental injustices primarily for people of color and low-income residents.

Despite proof that zero-emission options are available NOW to replace dirty diesel trucks, the gas industry and their allies are working behind the scenes to stop California’s transition to electric trucks by promoting polluting “natural” gas trucks powered by methane. 

The People’s Collective for Environmental Justice – and environmental justice allies across the state  – will not settle for anything less than 100% zero-emission trucks. We cannot afford a transition from one fossil fuel to another. To eliminate Diesel Death Zones, we must transition to electric trucks.

To learn more about the impacts of natural gas trucks, see our fact sheet and infographics.

There’s no better substitute for zero.

Natural gas trucks will add to already dangerous air pollution, not help alleviate it

  • Deadly smog & particle pollution from “natural” gas vehicles (NGVs) is often just as high as smog pollution from diesel trucks—and in some cases, NOx pollution from gas powered trucks can be significantly higher than diesel trucks.
  • NGVs emit large amounts of ultrafine particle pollution linked to serious health impacts that contribute to asthma, cancer, cardiovascular, and Alzheimer’s disease. 

Natural gas trucks are driving climate change

  • In May, 2021, the United Nations stated unequivocally that nation’s must stop expanding the use of “natural” gas immediately. That means we cannot afford any future investments in methane “natural” gas trucks.
  • Transitioning from diesel trucks to NGVs does not currently produce climate benefits when emissions from methane leakage throughout the supply chain are taken into account.
  • The real-world NOx emissions from heavy-duty methane gas vehicles are two to three times higher on average than the certification standards.

By transitioning to 100% electric trucks—and moving to power those trucks with 100% renewable energy—California can virtually eliminate toxic NOx pollution from the trucking sector and alleviate pollution and health burdens in environmental justice communities.